Paprika Recipe Manager 3 App Recensioni

Can’t share recipes with other users of older version

My daughter-in-law has Paprika 2. I just purchased paprika so she could share all her recipes with me. I was really excited to use this and get all of her recipes. When she tries to air drop them to me she gets a message that it failed. I can share with her but she can’t share with me. Please advise on the easiest way to accomplish this task.

I love this app!!

I love this app so much! I’ve told all my friends about it and they love it too. It’s so easy to copy recipes to and use them when cooking or meal planning. I’ve always hated meal planning but this app makes it a breeze. I also find myself meal planning for the next week during the current week so it’s not so daunting to do on over the weekend. Our family has been able to save so much money by meal planning through the help of this app. I sync it on my iPad also. I personally like the iPad interface better when making a recipe bc the ingredients and directions are all on the screen (instead of having to go back and forth on the iPhone).

Love the app, hate the icon

Please modernize your icon! It’s hideous. Instacart’s icon is nice and clean. Something g like that. Otherwise, this app is amazing!

Recipe Lifeline

I absolutely love this app! I keep all of my recipes in here and I can access them on either my phone or iPad while I’m cooking. I use the categorization system to frequently find a recipe where I might not remember the title, but I remember it’s a crockpot recipe or an appetizer, for example. I also love that if I find something online, it allows me to import the recipe. This app is one of my must-haves and if it were to go away, I’d be lost. Get this app if you don’t already have it!

Great App But Can Only Use Mail

I use Spark for my email as it has features that aren’t available in Apple Mail. Unfortunately, Paprika 3 doesn’t even offer me the option to choose how I send recipes to other people, making it much harder to share recipes that I’ve adapted. If they add that feature my review will be back to five stars.

Love this app

My mom showed me this app and I was instantly sold. No more scrolling for pages past long, exhausting stories of how the came up with the recipe and blah blah. This app converts all of that into a simple, easy to read format so you can easily go from recipe to ingredient list while cooking or shopping. Just what I needed!

Really fantastic, useful recipe resource

After using Paprika for a few days, I quickly realized that I had the all-in-one-place recipe app that I’d been hoping to find. I easily moved all my Safari-bookmarked recipes to the app, uploaded all of my Epicurious, Allrecipes, Bon Appetit, etc. recipes, and have been happily cooking away. I did have a tiny bit of trouble with some YouTube recipes, but there was a language issue for those and I was ultimately able to load and correct them. I’ve even added those secret family recipes, so I truly have everything in one place finally. I started my organized recipe collection with the NYTimes tool, but it quickly became costly and too limiting. Paprika is such a flexible and forgiving tool - it finds great recipes from the web and saves them in a simple, consistent format. Honestly, I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about Paprika. If you like to collect recipes from around the web and want one place to view, update, and annotate them, this is definitely what you want to have on your iPhone or iPad.

Good in theory but

The consolidate function on the grocery list doesn’t work correctly. The list then ends up being difficult to follow if I need an ingredient for more than 1 recipe. It adds the same item multiple times.

Wonderful importing feature

I don’t know how Paprika does it, but I’ve imported recipes from the most suspect websites flawlessly. I never thought it would work but BAM next thing I know it is in the app.

One major drawback

I love this app, it imports recipes better than anything I’ve used. There is one major flaw however, the search feature only looks at titles and meta data, another words if you are looking for a recipe with chicken as an ingredient in the recipe you are out of luck. You do have the option of assigning meta data but today I have 1000 plus recipes and that is a major undertaking. I’ve tried to contact the developer multiple times with absolutely no response. So sad, that one feature would really make this the best app in the field, and I have tried several.

Fantastic App

I’m a veteran of Microsoft Kitchen Companion and many years with Mastercook. I’m an enthusiastic cook and recipe hunter, and this app does everything I need it to do. First, we transfered 1,500-plus recipes from Mastercook without a single glitch. (Even Mastercook couldn’t do that when I upgraded from one version to another.) I like that the recipes are held on my own hard-drive instead of just the cloud. We are RVers, and travel around the country. We don’t always have internet access, and so having the recipes on my own computer is a must. Also, I love the ability to find recipes online and then download without needing to type them in. No more stacks of recipes to type into a database. I love the ease of scaling recipes. All-in-all, it just works. Haven’t found a single thing about it that I don’t love.

Misleading AF

As you can see, the app brags that it syncs with “all” of your devices. Well, it doesn’t. One must purchase a SECOND APP which is FOUR TIMES the PRICE at an (ADDITIONAL $29.00) to sync. Blatantly misleading!

Best App I’ve used

This works so well and is so useful. It has made meal planning and prep so much easier.

This is just the best recipe app

Version 3 is just about perfect, flawlessly imports recipes, categorizes them , syncs between devices. I don’t use it every day (I am an experienced cook and mostly cook for two now), but for any occasion, it's perfect. The depth of features is outstanding too.


Good app, but it is hard to insert recipes from anywhere that isn’t a website. If there was an OCR like some other recipe apps it would make this so much better.

Ok app

It's a good app for recipes. It's available on multiple platforms such as PC and Android if you have other none Apple devices. But each requires an extra purchase that is not cheap.But at least its not a subscription based service and one time payment. But the apps lack support from the developer. It does not get updates often, same on the other platforms. Several bugs not ever fixed and their support is non-existent.

Recipe saving error

For some reason food network tv recipes are no longer saving and I have to clip and paste. Frustrating because that’s why I went to this app to begin with. Why advertise this site under your browser section if it won’t save them. App support is terrible to navigate and try to figure out how to ask a question. Apps fantastic when it does work but if these saving issues aren’t fixed I’ll be finding a new one.

Life saver!!!

I don’t usually write reviews but this app is amazing and has saved me so much time and makes meal planning so much easier!

Still my favorite recipe app, but needs improvement!

Having just acquired a new iPad 2018, I downloaded Paprika 3. It seems to me some unnecessary sacrifices have been made that actually reduce functionality. 1) Why the scrolled layout when in Edit mode? It doesn’t result in a more accessible format for editing, quite the opposite! 2) the category(-ies) are not visible in the master listing, so I can’t see if a recipe needs categorizing unless I open it. It’s an annoying oversight. 3) The Info line crams too much information into one line, rather than having separate fields for source, number of servings, etc. An update should result in more functionality, not less. I really can’t see any improvement, especially one that requires a substantial upgrade fee.

5 stars to 3, and almost 1

I've used this app for YEARS and PAID FOR IT for separately for every device I own. Today, as I tried to update it on my MBP, the app store wanted $30.00!! Are you kidding me? It's already cost me $80.00, as I have it on FOUR DEVICES. I AM NOT HAPPY.

A Must Have App!

I used to use MacGourmet. Not anymore! This app is awesome. I put off buying Paprika earlier because I thought I would need both the desktop at $30and the app at $5. I took the plunge and just bought the app for $5. I’m so glad I did! No need for the desktop. Using my iPad I can do everything very proficiently. MacGourmet was a MESS in terms of synchronizing on the Cloud. It works extremely well on Paprika. I can get my phone I and iPad to work flawlessly.

My overall favorite iPad app

This really makes everything related to cooking easier, especially when you combine the tablet and phone app experience. You can take a top down approach....browse for good recipes on the inter webs and import directly to your self categorized recipe box, plan menus for a week using the calendar and menu sections, then send it all to the grocery list. Then go to the store using the shopping list on your phone. Come home and cook using the pin and timer features. Great app. Thanks for making it.

Refund me.

I bought this app maybe 1 hour ago on the recommendation from my cousin. I cannot create an account, I can’t open the browser within the app, and I can’t access the help center. I tried on both my phone and iPad. My internet is working just fine (I checked). I restarted my phone and the app multiple times. Still nothing. What a waste of $5.

Great app but...

I absolutely love this app except I wish it had the capability to interface with major grocery chains that now do curbside pickup or delivery. I do everything on my phone and it’s so cumbersome to try and get my ingredients from my paprika list added to my “Clicklist” (Kroger) or “Curbside pick up” (H-E-B), Target, or Wal-Mart pickup to name a few big chain grocers in this area. Hopefully this is the next step the developers are looking at since it’s becoming such a common way to grocery shop in more urban/suburban areas.

Loved the app but one annoyance and one unforgivable.

So the app itself as a recipe manager is very good. However. It doesn’t do well importing from meal prep sites like sunbasket and the much much bigger issue is there is literally no information to contact support or provide feedback. There are premade topics on a zen desk forum but I can’t contact a human. As someone who has paid for this four times now I find it unacceptable to not have a link in app to send a problem report or suggestion or get ahold of a support person. Given it’s not a universal app and the total cost on multiple iOS devices I feel there should be more done in terms of user support. please in today’s world start working on comparability for big meal pre sites like sunbasket.

Superior, But...

Had Version 2, enjoying the interface as "copy & paste" gave me greater control than V3. The computer version still has the better interface and ease (speed) of use. Seamless & speedy Cloud integration. Meal planning, Shopping Cart, even the Timer built into the app allows me to ignore my Instant Pot beeps. Tight database, hoping future updates don't screw-up, as most companies do! Expensive but worth it. Now if it would only import my dos-based Meal Master files, I’d give it another star!

Outstanding....with one small caveat.

Heard good things about this app and took a chance on it. Wasn’t expecting much. Right off the bat, I experienced a major annoyance, having to install a JavaScript extension to get the app to work with iOS. This didn’t bode well. My second annoyance was that the app wasn’t “smart” enough to look at my bookmarks and ask if I wanted to import any of them - I had to go to each and every one of about 100 bookmarks, open them one at a time and then add them. Once I started actually USING the app, I decided it was well worth the price and the initial aggravation. This is one extremely well thought out piece of software. It’s fairly intuitive and has all the features - and a whole bunch of niceties- that I could ask for...and I keep finding more! Being able to “cross off” ingredients as you use them and highlight the section of directions you’re working with is a godsend for a scatter brain like me.

Best of its kind

This really is a great app. It does anything you would need in a recipe app and more. All the basic features are there, but I love the cloud sync and recipe importer. These two features are worth the price. This is one of my favorite and most used iPhone apps. On the flip side, updates are infrequent, the Windows app has not been updated in years and doesn't work with the new multiple grocery lists, quantities are not scaled in the recipe instructions (as opposed to the ingredient list), no Alexa support. Also, the developers don't seem to try to build much of a community around the product or post any updates as to what's going on (if anything).

Serious issue syncing

I have the old version and love it. I purchased this update. After 6 days it still hasn’t completed syncing. It only syncs recipes when I am using the app. I wasted my money. It will only sync if I I keep the app in the foreground. The old version synced 1,000+ app in a jiff. After 3 months I am up to a 100 on Paprika 3. I have tried deleting and reinstalled by, but it doesn’t help.

App works great

but I miss when you copied a link and opened the old paprika app it would ask if you wanted to open the copied link. Otherwise it’s very nice and works well. I appreciate that I can sync with my iPad and computer and save recipes on different devices and have them all collected in the same app.

Great app - here is a suggestion

I have been using this app for a couple of months. The ability to sync between my ipad(used to cook) and iPhone (take to grocery store) is really useful. I use the web version on my PC to find recipes. The scaling feature is also really useful. I use it a lot to build my grocery list and my pantry has gotten pretty long. Which leads to my suggestion: add a search feature to the panty list. Type in “corn” and see “corn-frozen” “canned corn”, “creamed corn” and “corned dogs” show up on a filtered list would be a great help in building my grocery list.

The best!

It’s the best recipe app available!

Sadly, this is probably as good as it gets

Been a mission to find the best overall meal manager to help me manage my recipes and groceries. This app has a lot of cool features that puts it above the rest for me, but is still honestly far away from being good. Is this app even being developed still? I’ve submitted feedback before but never got any indication it was read.

Just get it.

Hands down my favorite app on my phone. The browser is amazing, the recipe clipping feature is incredible. The shopping list is essential for me, now. Just get it. Makes cooking from recipes much more doable.

Great recipe book.

Great way to store and share recipes. Only problem is that it will not share between iOS and Android. Once they fix that they get the final stat

Amazing app... with a few drawbacks

First, I have to say how much I love this app. It’s got a great meal-planning section, and it’s super easy to use. However, there are a few things that make it less than what it could be. 1) Though there is an option to add photos to the recipe’s ingredient list and directions, this doesn’t seem to work. I click the photo button, and it turns to a white screen with only two options: cancel or insert. Only canceling works. This is frustrating because the hundreds of family recipes have to be fully typed. 2) The app has an option to turn off automatic screen lock to prevent lots of greasy fingerprints while cooking, but the ingredients and directions are on separate tabs. You have to touch the screen every time you need to check a measurement, countering the entire purpose of the no-lock options. Other than these two annoyances, I adore Paprika. It is pretty simple to use, and it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I would definitely recommend this app

Great recipe software

I’ve tried several cooking software recipes Thus by far is the best. So easy to organize, import, and capture recipes from internet sites. If you have several devices that you use when cooking this software automatically syncs to all devices instantly when you add or change recipes. Another awesome feature when cooking is that you can cross out the ingredients you are adding so you never miss one. You won’t regret this purchase.

Awesome app

So much much much (did I say much?) easier to use than print! I have shelves full of print cookbooks, they are gathering dust. The only thing missing is the ability to download from photos of recipes from my dust laden cookbooks. For laughs: my partner says recipes are my porn. But he does like the results.

All my recipes are gone

Had this app. Loved it. It stopped automatically uploading recipes from on line. I thought if I bought the upgrade it would work. I bought the upgrade and all my recipes disappeared. Hundreds of them. Family recipes etc. I’m devastated.

Love this app!

I use this app every day! It’s so easy to save recipes from websites! I love the shopping list and how easy it is to add an item from a recipe to the shopping list with just a tap. I’m just now starting to use the calendar to keep track of when I cooked what and the menu section to plan meals in advance. I highly recommend this app!


I have to pay for this separate from the version on my iPad?

Love this app!!!!!

My mom and love using this app. It so nice to just download a recipe from any cooking website, and it’s right there ready to use.

Social interaction

You guys should make the app interactive socially where people can share recipes that they’ve saved as well as meal plans or menus with eachother. Kind of like a “pinterest” for recipes.

Google taken over app

This is an amazing app but google has now taken over each time I try to download a recipe i get an error processing message I used to be able to get around this by opting to print recipe & in a simpler profile mist times I could download. Now I have to manually add the recipe which frankly is a pain & not the way I have downloaded my 2000 or so recipes. But hey if I want to save to my google recipe manger no problem. Really frustrated not sure what to do. This has always been a 5 star app did google buy paprika?


I have tried other recipe programs in the past, however, I could never stick with them because they were difficult to use. I was a little apprehensive about trying another one, but the reviews were good, so I started with the desktop version. I have not looked back! The layout and interface is very easy to use. You can create all kinds of categories for your recipes, essentially like tags. The browser feature is a huge time saver if you have recipes clipped from the internet and it works perfectly! I have since added the iOS app too and they all sync up nicely. It is very handy when you are at the store and think of something else you want to make.

Love it more each day!

I love this app! It is so versatile and reliable. I have been using it for over year now and keep discovering great ways to organize my recipes. I often download recipes from Skinnytaste so I just added a category and included it on each recipe that comes from there. It’s so easy to edit. I love that the recipes stay open while you’re cooking, just usedthe timer function within it, and was recently using it to plan a shower!

Harder to search

I’ve used Paprika for several years and I like it a lot. I’ve just upgraded to v3 and it’s isn’t as easy to search through all recipes. There used to be a search on the first page. Now you have to go to the category and search or select Edit, get the recipe and then select Done. On the iPad, the earlier version also had an an alphabet on the right that you could select a letter and get the recipes that start with it. That’s gone too. Please bring those back.

Very useful but needs tweaking still

First of all let me say that I love this app. I use almost every feature of it, and especially appreciate the grocery list and how well it integrates into the meal planner. A few tweaks I think it still needs: 1. The app comes with prepopulated store aisles but you can delete them and add your own. However, the prepopulated ones come back! Then they get in the way of your custom ones because you end up with two dairy aisles, etc. I want my aisles in the order of my local store, not where Paprika puts them. I’ve emailed the developer about this many times but no reply. 2. That’s my second issue with this app. It would be nice to see questions replied to by email, especially after how much this app costs to have on a MacBook, iPad and and iPhone (which I do). 3. When adding a recipe to the meal calendar, often the date and meal choice (breakfast, lunch or dinner) are blank pages. This is a problem with the code, but again, since the developer doesn’t reply, I see no other way to address it but here in a review. 4. Would be good to have the option of pushing the checkbox or swiping to the side when purchasing something off the list. Other grocery list apps offer the choice, because it’s too easy to push a box by mistake. Swiping would solve this problem. 5. Would be nice to have the option to add more than one of something when adding to the shopping list, instead of having to add it once, then go find it in your list, click on it, then change the quantity. 6. Real time syncing without having to close the app would be great.

Trouble with 'Dozen' converting

One of the features I love about this app is the ability to scale recipes. Most recipes are for larger serving sizes 6+ but being single it's nice to only make enough for 2-4 servings. Tonight though I ran into my first problem with this feature. I tried scaling down a recipe which calls for a dozen eggs and noticed every else except the eggs changed. Sure enough, when I changed the recipe entry to 12 eggs and scaled it to 1/3 as I wanted it said 4 eggs. Maybe the developers need to add 'dozen' to this feature but I found this surprising considering many recipes are for example 2 dozen cookies.

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