Paprika Recipe Manager 3 App Reviews

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App works great

but I miss when you copied a link and opened the old paprika app it would ask if you wanted to open the copied link. Otherwise it’s very nice and works well. I appreciate that I can sync with my iPad and computer and save recipes on different devices and have them all collected in the same app.

Great app - here is a suggestion

I have been using this app for a couple of months. The ability to sync between my ipad(used to cook) and iPhone (take to grocery store) is really useful. I use the web version on my PC to find recipes. The scaling feature is also really useful. I use it a lot to build my grocery list and my pantry has gotten pretty long. Which leads to my suggestion: add a search feature to the panty list. Type in “corn” and see “corn-frozen” “canned corn”, “creamed corn” and “corned dogs” show up on a filtered list would be a great help in building my grocery list.

The best!

It’s the best recipe app available!

Sadly, this is probably as good as it gets

Been a mission to find the best overall meal manager to help me manage my recipes and groceries. This app has a lot of cool features that puts it above the rest for me, but is still honestly far away from being good. Is this app even being developed still? I’ve submitted feedback before but never got any indication it was read.

Just get it.

Hands down my favorite app on my phone. The browser is amazing, the recipe clipping feature is incredible. The shopping list is essential for me, now. Just get it. Makes cooking from recipes much more doable.

Great recipe book.

Great way to store and share recipes. Only problem is that it will not share between iOS and Android. Once they fix that they get the final stat

Amazing app... with a few drawbacks

First, I have to say how much I love this app. It’s got a great meal-planning section, and it’s super easy to use. However, there are a few things that make it less than what it could be. 1) Though there is an option to add photos to the recipe’s ingredient list and directions, this doesn’t seem to work. I click the photo button, and it turns to a white screen with only two options: cancel or insert. Only canceling works. This is frustrating because the hundreds of family recipes have to be fully typed. 2) The app has an option to turn off automatic screen lock to prevent lots of greasy fingerprints while cooking, but the ingredients and directions are on separate tabs. You have to touch the screen every time you need to check a measurement, countering the entire purpose of the no-lock options. Other than these two annoyances, I adore Paprika. It is pretty simple to use, and it obviously has had a lot of thought put into it. I would definitely recommend this app

Great recipe software

I’ve tried several cooking software recipes Thus by far is the best. So easy to organize, import, and capture recipes from internet sites. If you have several devices that you use when cooking this software automatically syncs to all devices instantly when you add or change recipes. Another awesome feature when cooking is that you can cross out the ingredients you are adding so you never miss one. You won’t regret this purchase.

Awesome app

So much much much (did I say much?) easier to use than print! I have shelves full of print cookbooks, they are gathering dust. The only thing missing is the ability to download from photos of recipes from my dust laden cookbooks. For laughs: my partner says recipes are my porn. But he does like the results.

All my recipes are gone

Had this app. Loved it. It stopped automatically uploading recipes from on line. I thought if I bought the upgrade it would work. I bought the upgrade and all my recipes disappeared. Hundreds of them. Family recipes etc. I’m devastated.

It’s ok.

I’d like to import recipes more easily. I think the import function is a little out dated. This would be much more useful if I could import a pdf from my scanning program. Then I could even place recipes from my cookbooks in the app without re typing everything.

Love this app!

I use this app every day! It’s so easy to save recipes from websites! I love the shopping list and how easy it is to add an item from a recipe to the shopping list with just a tap. I’m just now starting to use the calendar to keep track of when I cooked what and the menu section to plan meals in advance. I highly recommend this app!


I have to pay for this separate from the version on my iPad?

Love this app!!!!!

My mom and love using this app. It so nice to just download a recipe from any cooking website, and it’s right there ready to use.

Social interaction

You guys should make the app interactive socially where people can share recipes that they’ve saved as well as meal plans or menus with eachother. Kind of like a “pinterest” for recipes.

Google taken over app

This is an amazing app but google has now taken over each time I try to download a recipe i get an error processing message I used to be able to get around this by opting to print recipe & in a simpler profile mist times I could download. Now I have to manually add the recipe which frankly is a pain & not the way I have downloaded my 2000 or so recipes. But hey if I want to save to my google recipe manger no problem. Really frustrated not sure what to do. This has always been a 5 star app did google buy paprika?


I have tried other recipe programs in the past, however, I could never stick with them because they were difficult to use. I was a little apprehensive about trying another one, but the reviews were good, so I started with the desktop version. I have not looked back! The layout and interface is very easy to use. You can create all kinds of categories for your recipes, essentially like tags. The browser feature is a huge time saver if you have recipes clipped from the internet and it works perfectly! I have since added the iOS app too and they all sync up nicely. It is very handy when you are at the store and think of something else you want to make.

Love it more each day!

I love this app! It is so versatile and reliable. I have been using it for over year now and keep discovering great ways to organize my recipes. I often download recipes from Skinnytaste so I just added a category and included it on each recipe that comes from there. It’s so easy to edit. I love that the recipes stay open while you’re cooking, just usedthe timer function within it, and was recently using it to plan a shower!

Harder to search

I’ve used Paprika for several years and I like it a lot. I’ve just upgraded to v3 and it’s isn’t as easy to search through all recipes. There used to be a search on the first page. Now you have to go to the category and search or select Edit, get the recipe and then select Done. On the iPad, the earlier version also had an an alphabet on the right that you could select a letter and get the recipes that start with it. That’s gone too. Please bring those back.

Very useful but needs tweaking still

First of all let me say that I love this app. I use almost every feature of it, and especially appreciate the grocery list and how well it integrates into the meal planner. A few tweaks I think it still needs: 1. The app comes with prepopulated store aisles but you can delete them and add your own. However, the prepopulated ones come back! Then they get in the way of your custom ones because you end up with two dairy aisles, etc. I want my aisles in the order of my local store, not where Paprika puts them. I’ve emailed the developer about this many times but no reply. 2. That’s my second issue with this app. It would be nice to see questions replied to by email, especially after how much this app costs to have on a MacBook, iPad and and iPhone (which I do). 3. When adding a recipe to the meal calendar, often the date and meal choice (breakfast, lunch or dinner) are blank pages. This is a problem with the code, but again, since the developer doesn’t reply, I see no other way to address it but here in a review. 4. Would be good to have the option of pushing the checkbox or swiping to the side when purchasing something off the list. Other grocery list apps offer the choice, because it’s too easy to push a box by mistake. Swiping would solve this problem. 5. Would be nice to have the option to add more than one of something when adding to the shopping list, instead of having to add it once, then go find it in your list, click on it, then change the quantity. 6. Real time syncing without having to close the app would be great.

Trouble with 'Dozen' converting

One of the features I love about this app is the ability to scale recipes. Most recipes are for larger serving sizes 6+ but being single it's nice to only make enough for 2-4 servings. Tonight though I ran into my first problem with this feature. I tried scaling down a recipe which calls for a dozen eggs and noticed every else except the eggs changed. Sure enough, when I changed the recipe entry to 12 eggs and scaled it to 1/3 as I wanted it said 4 eggs. Maybe the developers need to add 'dozen' to this feature but I found this surprising considering many recipes are for example 2 dozen cookies.

New app not as good as the old one :(

The old paprika app was honestly better. This app has major glitches with scaling. When I scale a recipe it will either change back to the regular servings or will switch to a random amount (without anyone touching it at all). The servings also no longer scale correctly.

Misleading AF

As you can see, the app brags that it syncs with “all” of your devices. Well, it doesn’t. One must purchase a SECOND APP which is FOUR TIMES the PRICE at an (ADDITIONAL $20.00) to sync. Blatantly misleading!

This is just the best recipe app

Version 3 is just about perfect, flawlessly imports recipes, categorizes them , syncs between devices. I don’t use it every day (I am an experienced cook and mostly cook for two now), but for any occasion, it's perfect.

No longer have to write out recipes

Paprika lets me easily edit recipes to see them the way that makes sense to me when I cook. I used to have to rewrite them to align directions with ingredients. In Paprika, I download a recipe, then make a few quick edits to separate sections, i.e, WET INGREDIENTS, DRY INGREDIENTS, FINISHERS...I do the same headers on the directions. I no longer have to read paragraphs and try to figure out where I am. Assigning multiple categories to a single recipe works super well with my brain: chicken, multipot, crowdworthy, paleo,...Paprika lets me put a recipe in multiple categories so it shows up wherever I need it. Fantastic! I use the web browser...brings recipes in flawlessly, even from blogs with long text. I use the scaler...wonderful. I use the grocery list, and add the rest of my groceries to how it arranges the items or lets me rearrange if I prefer! I move seamlessly between devices and my sisters, daughters and Friends send recipes back and forth. I will never go back to paper filing systems.

Full of Bugs - Not ready for release

I am a daily user of the old Paprika app and I love it. I gladly paid again for the new version 3 to access the new features. Paprika 3 is full of bugs and should not have been released yet. The new photo features simply do not work. Can’t even add photos from my photo library. Lots of other bugs too. I’ll go back to the old Paprika app until the new one works. I also wish the developer would add a keyword/tag feature for ingredients.

Great App! Things to consider by developer

I love this app. I’ve been using it for over a year now. Definitely makes grocery shopping and organizing your recipes handy. However, a couple of things I wish they’d bring back is when you copy a link from a different website the old Paprika Version automatically uploads it as soon as you open the app. Also, the old Paprika Version allowed you to use the special symbols such as ℉. I wish they would bring them back in this app.

User for years love this app

If it didn’t have the auto load feature that offers to open a site you’re looking at and immediately save it to Paprika format (which works 99% of the time), I’d have a lot smaller recipe collection. One thing I’ve not figured out: how to delete categories? I’m baffled. Can’t figure it out and I need to prune the too-long list.

No customer service

I’m mad. I have owned and loved this app since they started. I use it all the time. I have never had a complaint until I downloaded the desktop V3 and couldn’t sign in. The new version is working on all iOS though. No problem signing in. I have emailed them 3 times -3 tines! It’s been 9 days. They are not replying. I figured if I gave them a bad review on their customer service I might hear back. If I get a response here I’ll fix my review. Let’s see.

Paprika 3 still needs work

I have relied on Paprika 2 for years, by Paprika 3 is still missing some basic and essential features that just make it... worse. It doesn’t offer to auto-load a url if there’s one in the clipboard, it’s nearly impossible to get the cut/copy/paste option to come up on the browser address bar now, there is no index down the right side of the menu listing so you can jump to a letter, and probably a couple more things I’m forgetting. I thought these missing bits might be addressed quickly after it was released but it’s been a while now with no fixes in sight. :-(

Paprika Recipe App

I purchased version 2 and loved it! I felt it was perfect for my use; however, I decided to purchase version 3 for the updated App and also show my support for an excellent App! Good job Paprika folks, thank you!

Lousy improvements

I LOVED paprika II. I hate III. Half my stuff didn't transfer, constantly deleting ingredients by accident, calendar doesn't scroll week over week, icons don't have meaning to me. Had to spend money for this and feel I got ripped off.


I never received any new update info & just thought I’d look! I’m soooooo excited to see the things I was waiting for!!!! Multiple grocery lists!!!!!!!!! So efficient to be able to make lists for Christmas Cookie Baking, Christmas dinner, soup for this weekend, work lunch ...... etc. & & & multiple photos!!! These were the 2 I’ve most been waiting for & the other changes & improvements! It’s great! 🤣👍🏻🥧🍪🍝🥗💕

Don’t delete the old version before you mess around with this one.

This new version is driving me absolutely batty! Specifically the grocery cart. It’s so cluttered! I much prefer the cleanliness of the old version. Also, I wish I could collapse the empty space due to the “grocery lists” section. Developers, please put the old version back on the App Store!

PARENT category DESTROYS child categories

Happy Paprika user for years. I now REGRET upgrading to Paprika 3. Two stars for the wonderful memories of Paprika 1 & 2. The lots of good things added are NOT WORTH the features Paprika 3 DESTROYS. The biggest insult is the Parent Category. For instance: To reduce the getting-to-be-cumbersome list of categories (like Chicken, Pork, Bison, Fish) as a child of a parent category (Protein) destroyed the structure of categorized chicken, pork, etc recipes. So I now have HUNDREDS of previously, carefully identified recipes, now lumped into one useless Parent. ILLOGICAL as well as abusive. Each child is different. Even if I could muster the energy to re-categorize hundreds (345), it is no longer possible to look at the list to see a recipe’s categories, let alone edit in that view. It is now necessary to first OPEN each recipe, then EDIT, to adjust categories. This is just a nuisance. Paprika 3 also prevents, in Menu month view, selecting a recipe. It is now necessary to navigate to a specific week to select a recipe, so pay attention to which week you’re seeing in Month view.

Love this app. Just what I was looking for .

If I could change 1 thing to make it 5 stars, that would be a scanning function to add items to the pantry with listing of expiration dates. That way, at a glance, I know if I have an ingredient or if I need to buy more.

I really want to love this

I’ve been using the initial app for at least 3 years and love(d) it. I figured a paprika 3 separate release would be even better...not exactly, so far. It’s basically the same thing, with no huge noticeable differences (please allow us to change the color settings...the red is getting old). Also, there is a huge bug with paprika 3 that will NOT allow me to search for anything under the search option for “all recipes.” I’ve attempted to contact the developer under help, and cannot easily find a way to communicate, so hopefully writing this review will get some attention. You are all very close to an incredible updated 3, but at this point, knowing what I know now, I def would’ve waited to fork over the dough. ( I have the iPhone/ipad app, AND the desktop app for MacBook....same issues on both).

Wouldn't want to cook without Paprika

I use this app every day on iPhone and laptop. It's the way I save and organize all my recipes and cook for my family. If you spend any time in the kitchen buy Paprika.

Best Recipe Manager App

I love this app. Before I came across this, I was saving my favorite recipes via bookmarks in Safari. I was always afraid that the links would stop working and I lose them. The download feature works so well it’s unbelievable. The only thing that would make this better is if there was a companion Apple Watch app that I could use to check off my grocery list while in the store grocery shopping. Otherwise, this app is one of the most useful ones I’ve downloaded! Totally worth the investment.

Watch App??

New to this app but it seems great for planning, shopping, and cooking! Love that you can scale a recipe for less servings. One feature that would be awesome would be an Apple Watch app so I can view and check off items on the grocery list while shopping. Hoping this is in the works. Also - an integration with Alexa. Love it so far!

Great App if it did not have data base errors

The first recipe entered in fine. The second had a database error upon saving and crashed the app. After I restarted the app I was able to enter the second recipe fine. The third recipe cashed upon saving. Restarted app and crashed again upon saving. Would like to mention it would lose all that I had typed in when it crashed. If this gets fixed it would indeed be a five star app but as it is having to enter stuff multiple times it gets a two star rating as that is the amount of recipes it will allow me to input. $5 is way too much for this buggy app.

Great App & Developer Updates

I use to use Recipe Master to save and cook. App was discontinued & thus not Apple to be installed on iOS 11 devices from my iTunes Library. Found Paprika 3- everything & more except that it would not work on my older 32 bit iPad. Developer actually updated App to work with these Legacy 32 bit older iPads & iPhones! How often does that happen— usually forced to buy new hardware. Thanks again so much. You’ve given new life to my iPad.

Not the quite the perfect home kitchen app

Paprika is a great product. Had version 2 for years, and felt the new features could warrant the new purchase cost. The pantry portion was hoped to be an excellent addition to allow my wife and I to manage both the menu planning and freezer/pantry management. Alas, the pantry items only get one key word “Aisle,” which is not enough to really manage the pantry. It should reference my home pantry, not the grocery store location! If the keywords were customizable, you could have the location, type of container, type of item - ie. basement freezer, vacusealed, green beans - could direct your recipe plans. Also, this would be synced between devices. Super cool. Alas, this app needs some sort of companion app in order keep track of what you have on your shelf or in the freezer. Paprika 3 is excellent, but not perfect.

Annoyed that I can’t contact you easily

No way to email or send a message that I could see. All I wanted to do was make a few suggestions. It would be nice if there were and easier way to add notes and to rate a recipe. That way you can do it quickly from the recipe while working on it.

Awesome recipe keeper

This is the best recipe keeper. I love that you can look up a recipe online and download it with pictures. You can categorize them, edit them and add your own recipes and pictures. With Paprika 3 and Apple Share it can link to your iPad, iPhone and other family members. Great App.

If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best recipe app you could imagine. I have it on my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone and have been using it for over a year. I now have nearly 2000 recipes in Paprika and cannot even imagine how many hours it has saved me. I could not have believed they could make it any better but the latest upgrade has done just that. The ability to make notes, add a recipe to numerous user-defined categories, make menus, shopping lists, and even arrange those lists by the aisles at the supermarket are unbelievably helpful. If you are hesitating to purchase this app, wait no longer. I used to have tons of recipes on paper waiting to be transcribed to the web or organized into notebooks. No more. The ability to download directly from the web and have it parsed correctly is invaluable.

Disappointed with new upgrade

I’m so sad I deleted my last Paprika. This new update/new app is not an improvement. I was happy to pay for the new app, but this experience has been less than good. I used to recommend this app to everyone but I can’t anymore. I’ve noticed so many issues but the biggest is how it imports the recipes. They’re always missing something like directions or ingredients - kind of a big deal. Prior I loved Paprika because I never had to look at a 3 mile long recipe blog post, but now I constantly have to go back and check due to a wonky import. Here’s hoping this changes with updates.


This is the app I’ve been waiting years to find. I had recipes on my desktop, in MasterCook, BigOven, Pinterest, and many other cubbyholes. Now everything is in one place and I have the utmost flexibility to add from websites, enter from scratch, or edit my current recipes. Hooray!

Love, but missing a feature...

I love this app, but the old app had a feature that imported a url when it found one copied from outside the app. The new app doesn’t seem to recognize copied urls anymore. Can we get a fix for that?

I was not impressed with the “enhancements”

I’ve been using the Paprika app for almost a year now and it has met most of my needs. I like that it’s very reliable but I do have a few items I’d like to “wishlist” for a 5-Star review: - add an option to manage/edit categories (if I change my mind about how I sorted something out, there’s no way to make changes) I also realized that sometimes my iPad failed to sync and I ended up with duplicates) - load the last link you had up in the app browser vs reloading the home page (I have two babies and sometimes—okay, most of the time—I need to drop what I’m doing to take care of something or the other. It frustrates me beyond words when I was on to something exciting and I lost the recipe because I was interrupted or I fell asleep and my phone decided to update the software.) - add an alert for duplicate entries—I’m a sleep-deprived mom and I would really appreciate some help in not spending time documenting something I had already spent time on before. It would certainly be an awesome feature. (Kinda like Pinterest letting you know that you already pinned something before) - I’m not crazy about not being able to zoom in on a picture without having to go online and I miss being able to decide which part of a large picture I wanted to emphasize on when it came to the thumbnail of the recipe - the shopping list needs a lot of work. I end up with the same ingredient over 6 times because of different measuring units/abbreviations (e.g., tbsp, T, tbs, tablespoon; OR T, 1/4 cup, 100g) Last, like another reviewer mentioned, I wish that they would’ve considered loyal customers and offered a special price to upgrade for a limited time. Especially because most of us refer people all the time.

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