Paprika Recipe Manager 3 App Reviews

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Not the quite the perfect home kitchen app

Paprika is a great product. Had version 2 for years, and felt the new features could warrant the new purchase cost. The pantry portion was hoped to be an excellent addition to allow my wife and I to manage both the menu planning and freezer/pantry management. Alas, the pantry items only get one key word “Aisle,” which is not enough to really manage the pantry. It should reference my home pantry, not the grocery store location! If the keywords were customizable, you could have the location, type of container, type of item - ie. basement freezer, vacusealed, green beans - could direct your recipe plans. Also, this would be synced between devices. Super cool. Alas, this app needs some sort of companion app in order keep track of what you have on your shelf or in the freezer. Paprika 3 is excellent, but not perfect.

Annoyed that I can’t contact you easily

No way to email or send a message that I could see. All I wanted to do was make a few suggestions. It would be nice if there were and easier way to add notes and to rate a recipe. That way you can do it quickly from the recipe while working on it.

Awesome recipe keeper

This is the best recipe keeper. I love that you can look up a recipe online and download it with pictures. You can categorize them, edit them and add your own recipes and pictures. With Paprika 3 and Apple Share it can link to your iPad, iPhone and other family members. Great App.

If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best recipe app you could imagine. I have it on my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone and have been using it for over a year. I now have nearly 2000 recipes in Paprika and cannot even imagine how many hours it has saved me. I could not have believed they could make it any better but the latest upgrade has done just that. The ability to make notes, add a recipe to numerous user-defined categories, make menus, shopping lists, and even arrange those lists by the aisles at the supermarket are unbelievably helpful. If you are hesitating to purchase this app, wait no longer. I used to have tons of recipes on paper waiting to be transcribed to the web or organized into notebooks. No more. The ability to download directly from the web and have it parsed correctly is invaluable.

Disappointed with new upgrade

I’m so sad I deleted my last Paprika. This new update/new app is not an improvement. I was happy to pay for the new app, but this experience has been less than good. I used to recommend this app to everyone but I can’t anymore. I’ve noticed so many issues but the biggest is how it imports the recipes. They’re always missing something like directions or ingredients - kind of a big deal. Prior I loved Paprika because I never had to look at a 3 mile long recipe blog post, but now I constantly have to go back and check due to a wonky import. Here’s hoping this changes with updates.


This is the app I’ve been waiting years to find. I had recipes on my desktop, in MasterCook, BigOven, Pinterest, and many other cubbyholes. Now everything is in one place and I have the utmost flexibility to add from websites, enter from scratch, or edit my current recipes. Hooray!

Love, but missing a feature...

I love this app, but the old app had a feature that imported a url when it found one copied from outside the app. The new app doesn’t seem to recognize copied urls anymore. Can we get a fix for that?

I was not impressed with the “enhancements”

I’ve been using the Paprika app for almost a year now and it has met most of my needs. I like that it’s very reliable but I do have a few items I’d like to “wishlist” for a 5-Star review: - add an option to manage/edit categories (if I change my mind about how I sorted something out, there’s no way to make changes) I also realized that sometimes my iPad failed to sync and I ended up with duplicates) - load the last link you had up in the app browser vs reloading the home page (I have two babies and sometimes—okay, most of the time—I need to drop what I’m doing to take care of something or the other. It frustrates me beyond words when I was on to something exciting and I lost the recipe because I was interrupted or I fell asleep and my phone decided to update the software.) - add an alert for duplicate entries—I’m a sleep-deprived mom and I would really appreciate some help in not spending time documenting something I had already spent time on before. It would certainly be an awesome feature. (Kinda like Pinterest letting you know that you already pinned something before) - I’m not crazy about not being able to zoom in on a picture without having to go online and I miss being able to decide which part of a large picture I wanted to emphasize on when it came to the thumbnail of the recipe - the shopping list needs a lot of work. I end up with the same ingredient over 6 times because of different measuring units/abbreviations (e.g., tbsp, T, tbs, tablespoon; OR T, 1/4 cup, 100g) Last, like another reviewer mentioned, I wish that they would’ve considered loyal customers and offered a special price to upgrade for a limited time. Especially because most of us refer people all the time.

Favorite app

This is, by far, my favorite app. I use it every day to plan my meals, manage my grocery lists, cook, and more. With this last update they added the thing I’ve always felt was “missing” with using Siri to add to grocery list. It did take me some time to get used to, though, since you have to say it exactly like they recommend (“add______ to my grocery list in Paprika”). The only downside is that you can’t do this from the Apple Watch, but I can deal with that. For the app itself, I love how I can add my recipes or add anything from any website easily, and how I can scale ingredients, and cross off what I’ve added while cooking, and highlight the direction step I’m on - all little things that make it beautiful. I use my phone for groceries & mobile management, iPad for cooking, and Mac for larger jobs like adding lots of recipes or major meal plans. There was one loss with the update. It used to be that if you had copied a web address, when you open the app it would ask if you wanted to go to that page, which was very convenient. Now it doesn’t do that so it’s more clunky to paste and find the site. Overall I have recommended this app to so many people, and all of my family and friends have it now. No more stacks of cookbooks to store, losing recipes, or scrambling to come up with what I can make. Life is so much simpler and I love it.

Versions 2 and 3 don’t sync on MacBook, no support from Zendesk, lousy search function

I’m very disappointed after paying for new version of this app. 1) when they introduced version 3 they said versions 2 and 3 would sync. NOT TRUE. I have both installed on my MacBook and version 2 not only does not sync with 3, but when I click on the sync button it asks me to sign in, when I sign in it tells me my credentials are not valid? I sent a request to the Zendesk and I never got a response. 2) search function on version 3 is lousy. I do a search by name and only 5 recipes of about 100 that I saved with the exact first word on the title come up. For me the IMPROVEMENTS DO NOT OUTWEIGH WHAT I LOST compared to version 2.

How many weeks to get you to respond?

Who needs an app whose developers delay more than 3+ weeks to respond to inquiries?

Not impressed

Well, I'm not impressed because I was not able to add "Tuna Helper". It only let me add "Tuna". I contacted customer support about this, and they never got back to me. I'm sorry I wasted $5.

Nice update

I have been using paprika for a while and with new update it’s even better. However, this new version gives you ingredients in decimal when you are scaling. It’s a little annoying!!!

Best APP out there

This is absolutely hands down the best app I have! It makes organizing my recipes so easy. While I like Pinterest okay I don’t like the fact that I have to read through blogs and ads every time I want to make something. Paprika gets rid of all of those annoying things so I can get busy cooking! I keep finding little things about the app that I didn’t know that make me love it even more. I can categorize all my recipes and even give them a parent category so all my diet friendly foods can also be labeled Into their appropriate subcategory. You can also mark through your ingredients as you add them so you can keep up with where you are a must have when you get frequent interruptions!!! Well worth every penny I paid for it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Cannot day enough good things about this app!

Version 3 the best yet!

I have been a Paprika user for many years. Version 3 is by far the best and offers the most useful features. The ability to add as many images as needed completes a much needed capability to show several stages of food development. The implementation of this feature is simple and works beautifully across multiple devices providing capability to show the images full screen. The capability to link to other recipes and web URLs makes Paprika a very powerful reference saving tons of time. The new recipe description field is extremely useful for a variety of purposes including search. Searching is now much more powerful with the ability to search any part of recipes. Paprika 3 is the best architected app considering ALL aspects of modern recipe management and planning. Paprika 3 along with the cloud sync is by far the most robust and most used app I have ever owned. The developers have taken great care to get it right! Couldn’t be happier!

Recipe organization solution!

For a long time I was frustrated with how I found, saved and organized my recipes, which I would use Pinterest for. This app has changed everything for me! I now use Pinterest to get food inspiration and find recipes, try them once, and if it’s a keeper, I save it in Paprika. All the amazing functions are so helpful to me — from searching for and sorting recipes to using it while cooking to the grocery function. My only suggestion would be to have a feature that allows easier navigation between multiple recipes (maybe tabs?) so I can navigate quickly while cooking. But that would just be a bonus. Overall — love it!! I can honestly say this app has changed my life.

5 for App, 4 for sellers

The upgraded version delivers many enhancements. I have no problems using its new features and finding how to do previous things after scanning the help sections (they are helpful). The look of the recipes w/updated format is nicer to read and you can vary the font size, bold, italicize and such. The send from browser for recipes saves several steps over the URL link, but you can do either if you adjust settings. I also really like being able to link 2 recipes (like a cake w/a particularly frosting). The ability to insert photos into the directions for step-by-step recipes is nice also. Worth the switch for me. That being said - in an earlier review I wasn’t happy w/not even a small reduction in price for users of prior versions. I still feel like even a couple of dollars off the computer version would make for warm fuzzy feelings of customer loyalty vs grumpy reluctant re-purchasers. Especially since many of us refer new users!

Not as convenient and losing recipes

The new version (3) lost over 400 recipes, mainly complete categories. Several years of gathering recipes went down the drain. Very disappointing, especially for an App that costs this much. Check your recipes to make sure that you haven’t been screwed too.This is a disaster and I’m looking for a better App. Get some Quality Assurance people! This is a prime example of really sloppy programming. [This older review pales by comparison] The older versions used to automatically load a URL from the clipboard to the App’s browser. That doesn’t work any more and you can’t even paste a URL into it. So you have to find the original page, which may have been linked from an article, not Google’d, then proceed. Highly annoying. I’ve also noticed that using fractional numbers is a mess as compared with previous versions. The new features would warrant a 5 but this version loses a star because of reduced usability.

Best Recipe App Out There

Absolutely love this app and have been able to save all my favorite recipes. Works great. Love the shopping list creation function. My only concern is that Support cannot seem to be contacted readily as there is no contact information within the App that I could see. For some reason all of a sudden since their latest update the “Detect Clipboard URL” function even though I have it turned on stopped working. This is a critical part of the App and without it the usefulness of the App is somewhat diminished. Please fix this if it was broken due to last release!

One of my favorite apps

I have enjoyed this app for years, but Paprika 3 needs a way to change the iCal export times like the original Paprika. Please update to include this feature.

Love it, except...

I have always loved everything about this app and have it on my computer, IPad, and IPhone. After the latest update, however, it no longer automatically asks to load a copied website so that recipes can be easily downloaded. Now, you have to highlight the Pinterest address in the search bar and delete it, then paste in the desired copied web address. Not too big of a deal, but still aggravating when it used to work so seamlessly. Hey, developers... can you fix this please?

Recent changes are great but one minor annoyance

The updates are great overall and worth the price if you ask me BUT there’s something that changed that I don’t care for. When I save a recipe from Safari via the iOS share feature, the old paprika would just give me a black “RECIPE SAVED!” pop up that would fade out after a second. Perfect. Now, however, when I save from safari via the iOS share feature, I am taken out of safari, into paprika, AND then I still have to “save” the recipe AND return to safari manually. The old way was much more convenient and fast. I don’t want to edit the recipe on the fly. I want to quickly save it and move on. If there was a setting to control this behavior, I would give the app five stars for sure.

No categories?

First of all, it has crashed repeatedly, but I’m assuming that’s a bug that can be fixed. More of an issue for me is that I don’t see my recipe categories when I’m looking at a list of recipes. (Or am I missing something? Because I can’t believe this isn’t here.) You have to open the recipe to see them. That’s a dealbreaker for me. Also, as others have said, the copy and paste from a browser function is a necessity. I’m not always in Paprika when I happen to find a recipe I want to save. Update: still no recipe categories when you are looking at the list. Please fix this! And the pictures on the list are a lot smaller than in the old version. I’m still using the old version because this is not an “update” and I paid more money for it!

Average, some important functionality missing vs old version

I love Paprika. But I am using V2 & Version 3, because has added some neat features but removed some really useful 'shortcut' features which made using the app fast & efficient. Developers: 1- uncategorised recipes, can no longer click on a recipe & categorise it. Have to click, choose edit, find the category section, choose your category, exit. Seriously a total pain in the bum. 2- grocery lists: there is no longer an option of viewing a 'master list'. If you add specific grocery stores it becomes an inefficient pain. A) I want the option to see everything I need to buy in 1 list (and send it to family member)... B) I have to search within each grocery store to check if I have added chicken to my shopping cart. C) By not having a master list (which shows everything I need to buy at the different stores), I can't easily check that I have everything I need/ remove things I don't need. I have more to add, but will have to update this review later, running out of time.

Missing Sort! EDIT: sort is back!

EDIT: sort is back! Played around more, love the ability to edit a recipe I save through Safari so that I can add categories as I save recipes! Changed to 5-stars! Played around with the new app a bit, seems to do everything the old one did EXCEPT let you choose how to sort the recipe list. I like seeing my newly saved recipes first, but now they only display in alphabetical order :( (an enhancement I'd love is to have a random sort option for those times I just want to discover something I may have forgotten about). I'm looking forward to playing around with linking recipes to one another, but the lack of sorting has made me hesitant to move over (even more than I initially thought it would, I just keep gravitating to the old version because I can easily find my recent recipes).

The Only Cooks Companion

Thanks for providing the option for font sizing. This application now deserves a 10 star rating. It is my most used application.

Bring search to Pantry!

Without a way to search the Pantry, it’s very difficult to quickly find out whether I have something at home. Shocked this doesn’t exist on iOS or the Mac app. Also, please get with the times and move away from a hamburger menu—difficult to navigate around the app. Bottom tabs would be a better choice. Overall good stuff, but many usability issues that could be easily addressed.

I ❤️ Paprika

This app changed my life. It is so easy to use, I can’t say enough good things about it. I was hoping that for the future you might be considering the ability to take pictures of paper recipes and have them translated into new recipes by OCR instead of having to manually type them in. That would be the ultimate productivity enhancement.


The only thing that would make this app even better would be a feature to scan recipes into the app. Other than that its perfect!

Ads are really annoying

This is a comment on the fact that the previous app didn’t have ads and the new app which I have just paid for has ads. On this basis I would not recommend this app. The prior version was clean and easy to use. This one is cluttered and annoying. Would like to go back to the prior version.

Love Paprika, but new app is sluggish

I’m a huge fan of Paprika, but the new version 3 app is sluggish and takes much longer to respond when I’m navigating, searching, etc. I notice it in particular when I first open the app and am trying to go to different sections. Developers, please look at ways you can clean up code or speed your app up so it performs as well as the last version - thank you!!

Omg best recipe app by so far!!!

Love that it's one time buy and includes all features that I need and love. It was so worth buy once.i could not be happier with how smooth and easy it is to use. ☺️☺️☺️ Can't thank you enough for this app!!👍👍

Great app for most part

Always a fan of this app, been using for a couple years. Missing old version feature of copied url automatically popping into app. Please return.

Wonderful—don’t hesitate to buy.

I love this app. I use it everyday. I only take my phone to buy groceries as the grocery list is fantastic. It is easy to add household needs to it and way to use at grocery. Then I could go on and one about finding recipes and downloading them quickly and easily. Try it.

A terrific update to an already indispensable app

I love the new grocery list and pantry features, as well as the updates to recipes like multiple pictures and the descriptions.

Problem opening recipe

Love the app, but since upgrading to the latest version, I can’t open a recipe from the Meal planner.

Great app as usual, not sure about the new features because I don’t use them.

In regards to the cloud sync issue, apparently it can be enabled through settings, so that’s good. Aside from that I can’t find anything else in the app (that I use regularly) that makes it any different that the old version. That being said, this is still my only recipe manager because it is so easy to use. Maybe I will find ways to use the new features in the future.

Love Paprika, been using it for years

This is hands-down the best recipe app for Apple devices — I have it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. My favorite feature is the ability to scale recipes and thus volume of ingredients on the fly. The only thing I’d add would be an Apple Watch app. Also I’d remove the 3 label on the Home Screen / springboard and have it just say Paprika!


I have had the old Paprika app. for years and would give it 5 stars but.. I am unable to find how to change the font size on Paprika 3. I can find where to do it on the old app.. Please tell me where it is in the settings. You also have to take 2 more steps to save a recipe you find on line. I am still trying to figure out why this version is better than my last. I read your reply and made the adjustments in my settings. Thank you for making the corrections. I will change my rating from 1 star to 4 stars. I feel these should have been included in the original app.

I am convinced. This app is perfect!

I’ve changed my mind, thanks to Paprika getting back to me about my issue. Now I know Paprika 3 really is truly PERFECT!

Worth It

Incredibly well designed. Browser recipe downloads are fantastic and reliable. Transformed my recipe management process.

New version rocks

This new version is beautiful. Functional and now prettier. Great job!

Excellent app!

I’ve been using Paprika for a few years. I was very excited for the new version! Paprika 3 lets me pin a recipe on my phone when I’m shopping in the store and sync the pin with my iPad (which is what I use when I’m cooking). This was something I always hoped would happen! Also, the web browser extension has really improved, since now you get a preview of the recipe when you save it and you can edit it or add categories before you save. Now you can link recipes within the app. This is great to link the pie crust recipe with the quiche recipe, for example. This update has a lot of improvements that regular users of the original Paprika app will find helpful and new users will also enjoy. One thing I miss about the original Paprika is being able to sort recipes within a category by most recent instead of alphabetically. I can’t get it to do that anymore. UPDATE: They fixed this with an update! Thanks for listening to the feedback! Also, I have no problem purchasing the new version. I bought the old version for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I use this app every day and I’m so happy that I can give a little bit of money to the developers to support new features and improvements. I’ve gotten a lot of people to use Paprika and I’ll continue to tell people how awesome it is! There are no ads in the app, no in-app purchases, no revenue for the developer after the app is purchased. I don’t work for free and don’t expect them to, either. I would love to see a similar app by these developers to save and categorize other projects. I also enjoy finding sewing and craft projects online and have no good way of saving and organizing them the way that I can for my recipes!

Been using Paprika for years!

Have hundreds of collected recipes. Recommend this program to everyone I know that cooks. Really is the best. Why waste money on dozens of cookbooks when the best cookbook for you is the one you assemble yourself! Save all your favorite recipes, easily imported from web sites. One of my most used programs on my iPhone, iPad and Mac! Thank you for continuing to develop and improve this app!

Amazing app.

I have been using this app for years (and often get other friends to use it also.) I’m loving this update. I have found a bug when I’m using the iPad version, when I click on a recipe, then go back to search, it doesn’t take me back to where that recipe was. It scrolls down quite a bit. This makes it hard to search for meals for the week, as there is so much skipping. (I couldn’t find any place to write about issues. Hoping this works.) Also, I’d really like a random feature. Push a button, and out of certain categories, a random recipe comes up!

Best App Ever

I use this app every day. On a previous update, they made some things less user friendly, but they promptly fixed those things. If you want a place to keep all your recipes, this is it!

Great recipe software

I’ve tried several cooking software recipes Thus by far is the best. So easy to organize, import, and capture recipes from internet sites. If you have several devices that you use when cooking this software automatically syncs to all devices instantly when you add or change recipes. Another awesome feature when cooking is that you can cross out the ingredients you are adding so you never miss one. You won’t regret this purchase.

Latest update added ://x-callback-url/

With the addition of ://x-callback-url/, the app is now amazing! Everything has been improved over the latest version. I’m so happy using this app every day. It is very complete and thorough.

Missing categorize feature

First of all, I do love this app and have been using it for years. I like the new update. I will not repurchase it for my Mac because it is WAY too expensive. But I love the iPhone/iPad apps. But PLEASE bring back the categorize option from the main list. Don’t make me go through 12 steps to categorize something when it used to be so quick and easy (especially on the iPad!) Not sure why this feature was left out of this version but it’s a big one for me. Bring it back and it’s a 5 star app. Update: Just realized you can’t reorder your categories anymore. I don’t understand why functions were REMOVED from the app. At this point I’d rather use the old version.

Love it

I have been using this for several years and loved it before. Now I'm even more in love with this app. I love the new multiple pics, and being able to add a link to another recipe inside a recipe is awesome. So much easier. I also love being able to add multiple grocery lists. Target isn't strictly grocery but I still need a list. Thank you for enabling support for older iPads. I was disappointed in the paprika 3 iPad version before y'all fixed that. Thank you, thank you My only issue is the grocery list is somewhat harder to read. Perhaps it's me but things are no longer grouping multiple items. If I have 2 recipes needing eggs, I get to separate line items. It makes the list cluttered and somewhat less user friendly.

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